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Details About This Video

Davis and Droz play the hell out of the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition.

Based on an original idea by Chuck Beckmann.
Written by Michael Davis.
Starring Ashneel Ali, Jim Angsman, Michael Davis, Miguel Droz and Derek Evans.
Guest starring Crystal Chinea and Kendryck Starks.
Photographed by Ashneel Ali, Jim Angsman, Michael Davis, Miguel Droz and Sean Glavin.
Edited by Michael Davis.
Directed by Michael Davis.

"Bitch Please II" and "Yakety Sax" used without permission.

Shot on location in Alpharetta, Midtown in Atlanta, and Roswell, Georgia.
Released on July 28, 2009.
Photographed with a Canon VIXIA HF100 as AVCHD (1920x1080i@29.97).
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.
Encoded with Adobe Media Encoder CS4 as H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (1920x1080p@29.97).

Davis' Blog Entry

Davis' Blog Entry Portrait
Our friend Chuck actually came up with the idea for this skit before GTA IV was even available for purchase, but we didn't shoot it for a few months, and then when we did, we realized we'd missed one single shot: we had nothing to transition from the gas station robbery to the carjacking. Ashneel's BMW went into the shop the day after we recorded that scene, so it was going to be a few weeks before we could re-use the car. Then Droz and I got new jobs that we had to shave for, so the facial hair was gone, and we had to come up with a way to get to the carjacking that didn't show our shorn, baby-soft faces. We sat on the skit for another few months until I came up with the shaving cream idea, and a few weeks later we shot it in about ten minutes (in a completely different apartment, we moved in-between the time we shot the first stuff and the time we taped the shaving bit) and had it online the same night.

This is easily my favorite skit we've ever done (to date), but there's a lot looking back at it now I wish we could have cleared up. We improvised the whole bit with pulling weapons out of the box in the beginning, over a variety of takes, and the final version was chopped up from all of them. Unfortunately, since we weren't working from a script there's a lot of stuff jumping in and out of our hands, and we say "Nice" and "Fuck yeah" about four hundred and seventy seven times. Other than that, I'm really proud of how this skit turned out.

Droz's Blog Entry

Droz's Blog Entry Portrait
When the skit was first introduced to me, I had no idea how we were going to complete it. But just the idea of two guys committing some crimes instead of actually playing the video game was golden. I'd have to say my favorite part of the whole thing is during the time where Davis and I are in the gas station, stealing candy, where it looks like we're yelling at the attendant. You can actually hear what we're saying in the blooper reel, so check it out. Also, we don't have that art wall anymore since we moved out, so take your time and admire all of our kick-ass posters.

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